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Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Melayu-Babi" Blogger Comments on PAS Election

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His name is Rusdi Mustapha and calls himself Pasquale in his blog Barking Magpie.

He works in PM Najib's Office.

He calls other Malays who disagree with him as "Melayu Babi" and he calls Anwar Ibrahim, "YB Babi"

He says:
"I am a Malay of a Minangkabau descent.

If I am given the opportunity to lead this multi-racial country of about 24 millions morons I shall pass.

It is not that easy to govern this country of morons
Rusdi Mustapha also has a personal family blog called "Sri Menanti" (Click Here) where he blogs using his real name.

On his "Sri Menanti" Blog, he describes himself as:
"There is really nothing much to say about me, except I came from a very old Minangkabau family, I have a wife Marion, daughter Jennifer, and recently just acquired a son-in-law by the name of Steven, a cool guy.

We love life and enjoy breathing fresh air. There shouldn't be that much for us to complain about I should say, and to begin with, a large portion of our life, well we have not much control over it anyway so why bother! Global warming shrinking mother Earth, to tell you the truth I really don't care and we should all enjoy life to our last breath while we still have!

So here's to world peace and less bickering, complaining and whining!"

His comment on the PAS election:
"..Alhamdullilah! Syukur! While I am sure it is a blow to PKR over the victory of incumbent PAS deputy president, Nasharudin Mat Isa, in keeping his post, it is also a victory for a lot of Malays who want to see a semblance of a total Malay unity when facing a common enemy, is in the making.

Personally I was quite anxious to see the end of the PAS election hoping Husam Musa not win, this Malay man with such convoluted Malay mind who did not see the danger if Malays lost the upper hand, like to see YB BABI , another Malay traitor, run the country as PM?.."
-Rusdi Mustapha aka Pasquale

Read here what blogger "Sakmongko AK47l" (Mohd.Ariff Sabri bin Hj. Abdul Aziz, former ADUN of Pulau Manis, Pekan :2004-2008) say about Rusdi Mustapha:
"...He works in the PM's office in the media handlers outfit.Beyond the bounds of decency, he was willing to call another fellow human being, a Muslim and a Malay, a Melayu babi.

I see him loitering around Dato Najib's office engaging in whispers with other officers prompting us to believe he is privy to some top state secret.It is just his way of urinating to mark territory. I am here, you are out there kind of thing.His personal background is well known among media people. He has a fondness for calling other people babi.

Hence Anwar Ibrahim is termed as YB BABI. When he came over to Rocky Bru's blog to comment on the issue of anonymity in which I was involved- he mentioned me in very scornful terms. I was also called a Melayu babi.

Since he is an authority on 'memBABIkan' orang lain, he must be a flying pig himself- a special one but a pig nonetheless. Dato Najib has an unclean animal in his office.

This pig-headed buffoon recently wrote an article imploring Dato Najib to appoint a prominent blogger to head the NST....

Rosdi Mustafa aka Pasquale aka Barking Magpie- YOU are the pig in PM's office.

- "Sakmongkol AK47"

Pasquale aka Barking Magpie

(cf -


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